How far are you from “The Tip” of Cape York?

We are 6.5 km as the crow flies from “The Tip”. You can see it from our beach. But to drive there takes up to 45 minutes depending on road conditions. We're the closest commercial campground to “The Tip”.

How long should I allow to travel from Cairns?

Drive time directly from Cairns to us via the main road is about 14 to 15 hours depending on road conditions. If you’re trying to get here ASAP, for safety’s sake, we recommend at least 1 overnight stop. Then you’ve got all the great stops and side tracks to do along the way. So take as long as you can spare, either on your way up or on your way back down again.

How long should we stay in the area?

We believe that in an ideal world a bare minimum stay would be 4 nights.

First day you arrive and settle in.

One day to explore by vehicle. A nice day’s drive is to “The Tip” (maybe via the Roma Flats Track depending on your 4wding experience and track conditions).Then through the Lockerbie Scrub Rainforest to Somerset Beach. On to Fly Point and the East Coasts “5 Beach Run”. Then back to us via “The Croc Tent”.

One day to visit “Thursday / Horn Island”, take a boat trip to nearby Roko Island and Pearl Farm or get picked up from our beach for a Fishing Charter.

Plus, most importantly, one day to relax, do nothing, recover from the long drive up and prepare for the drive back.

Then there is always walks along the beach, fishing, drives to nearby beaches etc. This is why many people stay much longer.

Are you the place with the pool?

That’s us. We have a freshwater swimming pool for the kids & kids at heart.

Do you have a restaurant?

Our restaurant is open for 3 meals a day plus snacks in between. Try our famous Wood Fired Pizzas. We also cater for all dietary requirements. E.g. We have Gluten Free Pizzas. Plus we have an Espresso Coffee Machine.

Do you have a bar?

“The Corrugation Bar” is open 7 days a week. Join the fun, relaxed atmosphere with a complete range of Beer, Wine & Spirits including Beer & Cider on tap.

Do you have an onsite shop?

We sell basic products such as: bread, long life milk, ice, ice creams, bait, souvenirs, maps, basic 1st Aid & toiletry items etc.

Best to stock up with your main grocery items etc. on your way through Bamaga or Seisia. Also not a bad idea to top your tanks up with treated drinking water.

Do you have Amenities Blocks & Laundry?

  • We have 3 Amenities Blocks with hot showers & toilets. We also have a disabled person’s toilet & shower room.
  • We have a Laundry with coin operated Washing Machines & Dryer. Change is available at our Reception.

What’s your water like?

One of the side effects of our campground being in such a peaceful out of town location is we’re a bit far away from the communities to have treated town water. So most of our water is untreated creek / soak / bore water. We recommend boiling water before drinking. Bottled drinking water can be purchased from the bar. We can also fill small personal drink bottles (max. 2Lt) with filtered rainwater. But unfortunately we simply can't store enough rainwater for everyone to fill large tanks /containers.

Large tanks & containers can be filled with treated drinking water on your way to us at BP Bamaga & BP Seisia.

Where are the nearest shops?

The nearest shops to us are at Bamaga or Seisia. Best to stock up with your grocery items, fuel, etc. on your way through.

What tours do you have available?

We can arrange the following tours for you.

  • Thursday Island, Horn Island & Friday Island – Ferry, Island Tours, Charter Boats
  • Roko Island Pearl Farm Tours
  • Fishing Charters
  • Scenic Helicopter Flights & Heli Fishing.

We offer a Free Tour Booking and Information Service. Just ask at Reception.

Do you refill Gas Bottles?

Gas Bottles can be refilled on your way through to us at the Seisia BP Service Station.

Bamaga BP, Seisia BP & the IBIS Supermarket have Swap & Go Gas Bottles.

Can we have a campfire?

Campfires are fine. Collect firewood on your way in.

Do you have mobile phone range?

Telstra Next G works in and around our Bar / Restaurant. Also down on the beach. Optus will sometimes work on the beach.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Your dogs are welcome - but not in the Restaurant, Bar or Cabins. We do ask that you keep them on a leash at all times and keep them from disturbing your fellow campers.

Where is the nearest Caravan Dump Point?

The nearest dump point to us is at Seisia. You could use this on your way to and / or after leaving us.

Can you help with any Mechanical Repairs?

You will pass near three Mechanics on your way to us.

"Coy's Budget Motors" in Bamaga - right hand side heading towards BP Bamaga. Ph 4069 3558

“Cape York Spares & Repairs” in Bamaga – opposite the BP Bamaga. Ph 4069 3803

“Top End Motors” in Seisia – left hand side heading into Seisia. Ph 4069 3182

Are there any Alcohol Restrictions?

Cape York Camping Punsand Bay is not subject to any alcohol restrictions but you must drive through the Northern Peninsular Area (NPA) Alcohol Restriction Zone to get here.

The following applies within the Restriction Zone:

  • The maximum amount of alcohol that can be carried per vehicle is: 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 30 can carton of any strength beer, or 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 24 can carton of premixed spirits of up to 5.5% alcohol/volume. It is an offence to drink in a public place.

Unlike some other Alcohol Restriction Zones on your way up here you are not exempt from these regulations if you are a bona fide traveller passing through the NPA Alcohol Restriction Zone.

We have a fully stocked bar and can sell takeaway alcohol to in-house guests only.

When does the road to Cairns open & close?

Depends on the Wet Season. The main road up is usually open by April and generally stays open until well into December but this can vary from year to year.

What are the Jardine Ferry Times?

During Tourist Season the ferry operates from 8am to 5pm 7 days / week. It closes for Lunch between 12.00 noon and 1.00 pm.

How far are you from the Jardine River Ferry?

Depending on current road conditions we are 1hr to 1.5hrs drive from Jardine River Ferry

How far are you from Bamaga / Seisia?

Depending on current road conditions we are 30min to 45min drive from Bamaga / Seisia.